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Prepare/Enrich gives us 5 reasons to give back together

This time of year we talk a lot about gratitude and thankfulness, which are great concepts to keep top of mind year round. Research has shown that feelings of gratitude alone can have positive effects on a person’s wellbeing. But that doesn’t mean it has to stop there! Have you considered how you might turn simply being grateful into something more? You probably already know the answer.

Giving back, donating, volunteering, pitching in – whatever you want to call it – is not only great at an individual level, it’s also an experience you can share with your partner. Beyond the obvious benefit of doing something good for others or for your community, here are five more reasons to give back together.

1. Strengthen your bond over shared values

There’s a good chance that you and your spouse share common values. Expressing those values through giving back or volunteering is an impactful way to solidify that bond and reaffirm what they mean to both of you. Sometimes, you might find yourselves getting caught up in the daily grind, losing sight of values you hold dear. Finding a way to give back with your partner can help you both recenter and refocus yourselves on the things that truly matter.

2. You’ll model generosity for your children and family.

If you have children, you know how important it is to set a good example for them. You might tell them about the value in helping others, but nothing compares to actually showing them through your own actions and making it a regular part of your lives. Maybe you volunteer as a family for church events throughout the year or you have the kids choose gifts to donate each holiday season. Even if you don’t have children, you can spread the spirit of giving throughout your immediate or extended families. You might invite them to join you and your spouse or pass along opportunities for them to donate their time, services, or other resources. However you choose to do it, it’s a great way to amplify your impact.

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