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Meet your gatekeeper

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Want to give, but vetting and due diligence takes too much time?
There are thousands of non-profits all vying for your money. I want to advocate for you and ensure your money goes to the right place.  That is where your Gatekeeper Giving Advisor comes into play.

Ryan Zeulner, Giving Advisor

Ryan Zeulner
  • Been in ministry for over 20 years.


  • Currently is a mission pastor for Grace Fellowship Church in Costa Mesa, Ca (12 years)

    • A trusted staff member and part of the community for 13 years.​

  • Been all over the world to observe, participate in and inspect ministries.

  • Have led mission trips for youth and adults alike.


  • Has been brought on board various non-profits to provide leadership.

    • Developed Alumni Program for Olive Crest (2009)

    • Been on the Board of Teen Leadership Foundation from 2014-2022

    • Named Maven, an apologetics non-profit (Founded in 2017)​​​

    • Help create and launch Movements of Grace (2019-2022)

    • On the board of Movements of Grace (2022-Current)

    • Founded FEEDtheMUSIC in 2019

    • Developed and launched Framewerk Imaging (a sub-division of TLF) (2019)

    • Advisory board for the Bridge Shelter in Costa Mesa (2021-Current)

    • Director of Project Hangout from 2006-2008

    • Led leadership trainings for the staff of Every Generation Ministries and Teen Leadership Foundation

    • Organized and grew two youth groups as a youth pastor at Terranova Church and Grace Fellowship

    • Have networked many ministries with the right people for them to flourish

    • MC'd multiple fundraisers for ministries such as Pacifica Christian, Northrise and TLF


  • Trained facilitator for Journey of Generosity by Generous Giving

  • Zeulner means Gatekeeper, and Ryan looks forward to advocating for your family in this stewardship journey.

Ryan and I have served in ministry together for over ten years in a variety of capacities. Ryan is a proven leader who has a heart to grow God’s kingdom on a national and international level. He does this with intentionality and wisdom as he focuses on empowering local leaders to have a long-lasting, sustainable ministry in their communities. I have been impressed by how innovative Ryan is and how he finds creative ways to make the work that ministries and churches are doing to be as impactful as possible. I experienced this firsthand when Ryan taught leadership principles to the leaders at Every Generation Ministries and shared strategies with us to help us maximize our ministry impact.  One of the reasons that Ryan is so effective is because of his character. He not only brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, but he is trustworthy, loyal, passionate, and extremely dedicated. I am confident that anyone who has the privilege to work with Ryan will experience his Christ-centered focus, creative strategies, and experienced-based leadership.


Krysten Sanderson
VP of Global Leadership Development
Every Generation Ministries


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