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Our Offerings

Our services are simple.  We offer a one-time strategic planning package, a next-generation extension package, and three levels of monthly support.

Strategic Planning Package

A giving advisor will work with an individual or couple to develop their personal giving strategy.  This includes three sessions, each approximately 2-3 hours.

G2 Generosity Package

Ensure the family legacy of giving by allowing us to work with the next generation.  We help "Gen 2" develop their giving strategy as well as honor yours. Includes one family meeting and three sessions with each child. The age range is from twelve into their forties.

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Monthly Retainer Options


Quarterly Offering

Your advocate with check-ins quarterly over lunch, coffee, or the phone to go over giving strategy and where that has taken you.  The focus will be encouragement on your road to increasing generosity.  Will follow up on one or two organizations if desired.  Can help make course corrections and revisions to your giving strategy. Available for creative problem-solving regarding your philanthropy needs.  Will present giving opportunity portfolio after the Strategic Planning phase.  Will utilize a full network to help you to meet your goals. 


Monthly Offering

Will check in person or by phone monthly.  Available to attend ministry meetings on your behalf or with you.  Can set up the appointments to make sure we are carrying out the strategic giving plan.  A fiduciary for keeping the strategic giving plan accountable.  Vetting and due diligence for non-profits in target giving range when requested. Will utilize full network to help you meet your goals by personally setting up meetings. Can set up lunch with Steve Perry of the Segerstrom fame, author of, “Living With Wealth Without Losing your Soul,” to hear about his philanthropic journey.  Will do a Journey of Generosity workshop to your network once a year.


Small Family Office

Will act as a gatekeeper for all ministries and financial asks.  Follow up on all gifts with half year reports available on all known giving.  Quarterback appropriate due-diligence and vetting on ministries including traveling to foreign lands (extra cost and all travel included).  Organize vision trips for your family to see the work you have funded. Will be able to attend fundraisers for you or with you, and keep you up to date on all ministry movements.  Will work with appropriate counterparts to maximize your giving from your assets.  This includes setting up matching funds, taking advantage of matching funds and working with donor advised funds and market managers.  Will help organize gatherings to encourage your friends to give. Will guard your vision for your family legacy goals. 

What People Are Saying...


Communitas Program, Pepperdine (funded by Lily Foundation)

"God has given you not only opportunities, but a contagious spirit which helps others find their place and calling through your experiences and the experiences you help create for them."
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