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An advocate for those who want to develop and maximize their philanthropy

The Gatekeeper Giving Fund

Help others by donating today!

Where should I be investing my time, energy and resources?

If God owns everything - and he does - then we are stewards of the resources he gives us. To do our job wisely, we must strive to ensure that our charitable giving is both strategic (effective) and leveraged (efficient). Only then will we be worthy of the Lord's commendation: "Well done, good and faithful servant!"
              - Ron Blue, Generous Living

Journey of Generosity

Multiple times a year, Gatekeeper Giving will host a free one-day session on God's generous heart hosted in someone's home. Join us in our next session by clicking the button below or reach out via email to put your name on our list if you are interested.

Strategic Planning Package

Develop your Strategic Giving plan, a three-part personal giving strategy plan developed just for you.

G2 Generosity Package

Ensure the family legacy of giving by allowing us to work with the next generation.  We help "Gen 2" develop their giving strategy as well as honor yours.

Monthly Retainer Options

Depending on your needs, we offer quarterly check-ins, monthly offerings, and "Small family Office" services.  We advocate for your family by making the most of your generosity!

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